Bravo Girls 2000: oops I did it again...

Jagoda Dukiewicz
Aleksandra Hojczyk

Te echoes of the past bravo-popcorn-culture in a slightly oversaturated, pink room. A face-mapping interactive installation.

How Does It Make You Feel

Marta Krysińska

A disturbing human-technology relations shown through a daring video-art mapped on electronic waste.


Daria Praczkowska
Karolina Łatowska

Frash fishes in holographic 3D. You can see them, touch them and kinda smell them as well.

From the series: Zone

Marek Sitko

A mysterious space filed with emptiness and zoned. Entering specific aresa provokes reaction of a system.



Franciszek Warzecha

It is you, but not you. Same, same, but different. Put on your digital mask and see if it fits. A real-time 3d manipulation using face gestures.


Aneta Sieniawska
Piotr Bruch

Thousands of images, milions of sounds, 24/7. It's time to pump up the base and flash the lights. A multimedia performance combining live beats with 3d mapping.

Procedural painting live act

Robert Konopski

Movement generates image. Frequency changes the color. A digital street-art performance on two instruments – choreography and sound.


Justyna Walewicz

The art of virtual design printed in real 3D. An example of pure, digital creation, without any intermediate sketches.


The Sphere

Emilia Turek
Natalia Piesik

Quietly and slowly you make her furious. Watch out, because she might be too fragile to survive it. An audioreactive holographic projection.


Halina Trela

The one and only chance to meet and talk with those, who chose to exist only in virtual world. A social-psychological project involving real-time multiplayer gaming experience.


Justyna Machnicka
Aleksandra Misztela
Magdalena Januszkiewicz

Animated posters - a literally and figuratively moving images contemplating modern net-society and it's current problems.


Karolina Gołębiowska
Bernadetta Bałękowska
Aleksandra Mechel
Agata Przewoźniak
Matylda Pietkiewicz
Bartosz Madej
Alicja Pilarczyk

A 15-minute long expressive performance about saying things loud



Arek Piętak

A mechanical sound installation – a heavy and loud metaphore of uncertainity of the real world. With a digital bonus.

Ars Electronica Animation Screening

The best of the best – selected animations from Ars Electronica Festival.

Secret Garden, Valkyrie

Slevin Aaron

Real pr photoshop? Images created with light, nature and the lens - look close and see if they managed to resist a digital brush.

3doodler™ Workshop

Make your ideas real in 3D - no computer, screen or mouse are needed. It's just... live.



All events take place in 13muz, pl. Żołnierza 2 street in Szczecin.
The entrance to all events is free.
The orgnanizers reserve their right to change the program without any notice.

Friday, dec 16th

20:13 – The Festival Opening (13muz)
Bravo Girls 2000: oops I did it again...
Z cyklu: Strefa
Valkyrie, Secret Garden
How does it make you feel?
Procedural Live Painting Act
21:30 – Performance 3000 (Elefunk – level -1)
21:45 – Afterparty (Elefunk – level -1)

Saturday, dec 17th

10:00 – Painted Playground (activities for kids 5-9yo)
11:00 – 3doodler™ Workshop (registration required)
14:00 – Curtorial trip aound the exhibition for kids
15:00 – Ars Electronica Animation Screening

Sunday, dec 18th

10:00 – Painted Playground (activities for kids 5-9yo)


About the festival

digital_ia is one of the most important new media art events in Poland. It's a platform presenting the latest events on the border of art and technology. This year's main theme is real_virtuality.


real_virtuality is an inversion of virtual reality. The common denominator for the artworks presented on this festival is relation between two worlds: the real and the virtual one. The first is imposed on us, we can't control it, it's full of imprefections, which we have to accept sooner or later. The virtual world can be symmetrical and mathematically perfect, still allowing us to create a real-life simulating systems using complacated algorithms and controlled chaos.

This year's artists show works, that function on the border of these two worlds. They let the viewers to manipulate virtual objects in a very intuivite way on the one side and let the members of the computer-generated world to appear in a more realistic way, exceeding the computer screen.




The Organizer of the digital_ia.16 festival is 13muz

Dom Kultury 13muz
pl. Żołnierza Polskiego 2
71-551 Szczecin

Kamila Pałka / festival's manager - email, tel. +48 509 577 671